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Sculpture Park in Bowness, involving the public in it's creation!

HI, I am a local Artist here in the heart of Bowness, next year is Bowness 100 Centenial Birthday, celebrating community, growth and change. There has been alot of re-development going on in this community. There are also alot of parks and waisted space here in Bowness. I would like to create a sculpture park in this community that engages and involves the people of the community. Create a sculpture park that represents the heart of Bowness, it's history, and involve the community in it's creation, with the instruction of an artist. People love to feel important and involved, if there were a sculpture park that is created by the community there will be much more respect, appreciation,and people will be proud of their efforts involved. There are many ways to engage a community, unplift the look of the community and bring people together to help create a more inviting enviroment, to enhace buisness, community spirit, and draw more people in to discover what it is that makes bowness, BOWNESS! The community is strong in diversification and sence of community, if we could focus on these aspects to help create unity, the community would thrive, and draw more attraction to Bowness Park, a wonderful spot that hs been neglected in it's care and has changed drastically since the 50's/60's.



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