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What a better way to celebrate the history of Calgary than with thousands of historical markers throughout the city? If you've ever been to France, you've probably stopped to read a sleek 'Panneau Historique' designed by Philippe Stark in 1992 (You can also see them on and under 'Urban Furniture' or at People often say dismissively that Calgary (as most of Western North America) has no history. Of course this is absurd! There have been people living here for 11,000 years! Wouldn't it be nice to stand on a street corner downtown and read about how Peigan First Nations people 'considered this spot sacred' or that David Thompson 'camped here in 1787', or that James Macleod 'surveyed the land here in 1876'. I'm pretty sure Mark Twain spoke in Calgary. Where was that?! Imagine how cool it would be to bring the history of this wonderful city to life with markers reminding people of all the incredible things that have happened here!



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