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Every calgarian is a great artist!

Every calgarian is a great artist!


Lets let every calgarian become a great artist and have there art viewed in public with chalk art!


We should simply suggesting that everyone go out and create there work of art on the streets and sidewalks of calgary with sidewalk chalk.

Promote a huge one day event where everyone and anyone with an idea, sidewalk chalk and time to create, can participate. Any part of the city with sidewalks, roads, pathways can becomes a blank canvas to create.


Sidewalk chalk is cheaper than paint, and will wash off during the next rain. Everybody from families, companies, the elderly, young children, collage and university students, low income families, the poor and homeless, disabled people, tourists and business men and women can even become great artists and be part of this historic citywide event.

There art and creativity will be part of the greater picture, and be included in the most colorful and creative city in the world, if only for one day.


Lets turn calgary streets and sidewalks into a blank canvas for everyone to create, and make Calgary the most creative and colorful city in the world!



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