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Calgary Phone App

Create a cell phone application that keeps users informed on all upcoming events in Calgary, with minute by minute updates!


Calgary has a lot to offer but most people are too unaware because we have minimal media outlets. We need to build a free app that can inform the population.


Think of the possibilities this app could offer, how many times have you had the urge to get out and take in the city but nowhere to go? Or how many times have you done an online search for upcoming Calgary events, only to come up with 3 or 4 disappointing websites?

Why not create a universal, mobile resource that everyone can use, wherever they are?


It also has the opportunity for smaller organizations, venues and artists to get their name out there.


We could create a variety of categories to make it user friendly...


Concerts - free/upcoming/local

Festivals - Marda Gras/ Reggaefest/Lilac Fest

Fundraisers - marathons/banquets

Theater - School/Plays/Dance

Movie times

Museum/Gallery showcases

Bars/Clubs/Restaurants - features/specials/ live entertainment/activities

Local parks/pools


Road Construction and Detours

Sports - Roughnecks/Flames/Stampeders




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