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Calgary 2012 HIGH SPEED RAIL LINK Edmonton: Connecting People

The CALGARY 2012 Super Train: (HIGH SPEED RAIL LINK 2012 - 2112) Connecting CALGARY traveling to EDMONTON. The Super Train connections from Calgary to Edmonton are essential for Calgary to lead the world in Transportation Engineering Architecture and New Technology for the Conservation of the Planet. With MANDATORY Corporate TRANSPORTATION TAX in Alberta and Government support at all levels; Federal, Provincial, and Municipal: The Super Train from Calgary to Edmonton is a CIVILIAN TRANSPORTATION ENGINEERING PROJECT for all the people of CANADA, and all travel visitors to CANADA. Calgarians that recognize the importance of the highest technology solutions possible for modern transportation in Alberta in the 21 ST Century will agree that, "Transportation solutions for Alberta are very far behind in the modern world." Any further delays of a HIGH SPEED RAIL LINK between CALGARY and EDMONTON is a demonstration that CANADA is falling into transportation infrastructure decay comparable to some industrialized countries of the past SECOND and THIRD World Classifications of the United Nations. CALGARY, ALBERTA, and CANADA are very far behind the world infrastructure of G - 8 national transportation. The HIGH SPEED RAIL LINK for CALGARY and EDMONTON is ESSENTIAL for the PROVINCE of ALBERTA. The start of the HIGH SPEED RAIL LINK as a project for Calgary 2012, demonstrates that Calgary is a forward thinking Cultural Capital of CANADA.



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