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Have you ever ridden the Star Wars simulator at Disneyland? Imagine if we created a virtual reality simulator that would allow small groups of 20 people at a time to sit in a small theatre that can be moved using hydraulics. The simulator would begin by zooming across the prairies, past grain elevators and wind-turbines, and then roar down Deerfoot Trail, into Stampede Park and into the point-of-view of a chuckwagon driver, follow Jarome Iginla as he goes on an end-to-end rush and scores, fly over to Canada Olympic Park and down the bobsleigh runs, and ski jump, out to the mountains and down the moguls at Sunshine Village, back across the province to Drumheller and through the valleys there, and do then race up the side of the new Bow Building and watch the torch on the Calgary Tower light at midnight, and with fireworks in the night sky and ride ends! The ride would shake and blow cold air and mist into people's faces, maybe even smells! Could be adapted into a 3D movie that could be easily transported elsewhere across the world to build tourism. Another version of this could be done in a low tech fashion, like the Peter Pan ride (also at Disneyland) where people sit in chairlifts and ride above models of the city, as if they are floating/flying around...



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